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A Bit About Us

"The Piccone's are very lucky and proud to be Far North Queenslanders, Queenslanders and Australians! The best of all!" - Louie Piccone


The Piccone's are a local family with strong Italian heritage and strong Italian philosophies; you look after your family, you feed your friends (a lot!) and you support your local community.

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Upon settling in Edmonton, the Piccone family got to business, starting with a share in the local butchery and bakery. After the interruption of the second world war, the family's business enterprise continued to grow and diversify with the addition of a grocery store to their successful butchery and bakery. The management of the Piccone business enterprise was handed to their son, Luigi Jnr (commonly known as Lou) in 1957. Lou's sons Peter and John Piccone now run the operation of the business.  


The list of the Piccone businesses currently includes two local IGA supermarkets, a liquor superstore, an iconic pub and a state of the art bakery at their Village in Edmonton. 

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